Exhibit 3 Fabrications, LLC have many fabricating capabilities in our shop. We have woodworking, metal/welding fabrication, custom painting, vinyl graphics
and we partner with several printing companies in the area to bring your project to life. On top of all the fabricating capabilities we have, we offer installations
of any and all product we build. We will travel anywhere in the nation to follow your project through to completion.

Glass Display case

Glass Display Case with Custom Bases

3/8" tempered glass case with custom metal bases. Metal bases were fabricated to fit torsos and display jerseys.

Glass Display Case

Red's Hall of Fame Grille at Kings Island

3/8" tempered glass display case for displaying artifacts at the Red's Hall of Fame Grille at Kings Island.

Graeter's Ice Cream

Custom Dimensional Hanging Blade Sign

Sign was constructed from expanded PVC. All pieces routed and custom painted. Sign is a double hanging blade sign made to hang in front of store.

Graphic Timeline

FRCH & Hampton - Corporate Office

Custom aluminum frame constructed with dimensional graphics. All items and graphics installed by E3 Fab in Memphis TN.

Haunt Main ID Sign

King's Island - Main ID Sign for Haunt

The columns, fire bowls and bats were all created out of concrete that we poured, cast and carved at our shop. The main face panel is an internally illuminated steel box with changing LED lights and a rust finish.

IFS Impact Signage

IFS Impact Signage

Interior "Coca-Cola Marketplace" Branding

Kings Island - Interior Branding

Laser cut stencils applied to concrete floor and filled with white spray paint.

Interior "Coca-Cola Marketplace" Signage

Kings Island - Interior Signage

This area inside the Coca-Cola Marketplace has many unique signs. The round Coca-Cola sign is a heat mounted graphic on rough sawn wood on the left. The opposite wall contains a hand painted logo on wood. The center wall has hand painted letters on corrugated metal as well as a wooden dimensional hanging sign with rustic rope and pulleys.

Interior Branding

Lansing Building Products - Interior Branding

Laser cut letters, logos and houses on backwall. Metal custom signage with pierce cut logos.

Interior Branding Elements

Hospital Signage

Custom interior branding elements for a variety of hospital properties.
Graphic pieces are constructed of varying thicknesses of acrylic, decorative dimensional bars and sliders, as well as, tactile and braille.

Interior Branding Signage

Lansing Building Products - Interior Branding

Clear acrylic puck mounted to a faux concrete wall with reverse channel "H" and acrylic letters.

Interior Office Branding

Environmental Graphics

Interior Way Finding System

Retirement Home Signage

Custom interior way finding graphics for a variety of retirement properties.
Graphic pieces are constructed of varying thicknesses of acrylic, decorative dimensional bars and sliders, as well as, tactile and braille.

King's Island Pyramid

Kings Island - Ride Mechanics Cover Up

Large Clipboards

Conference Room Clipboard Displays

These oversized clipboards served a fun yet functional purpose for the client. Working closely with FRCH Design, E3 Fab created these clipboards to stand alone and be used in any meeting rooms. Complete with custom built large pencils and chalk. All fabricated by E3!

Large Multi-Donor Plaque

Hospital Donor Signage

The plaque is constructed with a direct print to brushed aluminum dibond backer panel. Acrylic panels with a second surface print are affixed with pucks. Painted dimensional letters finish off the plaque.

LED Lit Viewing Compartment

Beam Display with LED Light Box

E3 Fab built an internal light box into the display. This gave the client a highlighted area to show off their components.

LED Map Wall Display

LED Map Wall Display - Hillenbrand

We help our clients engineer the best solution for their needs. In this particular case, working with the designer and Hillenbrand on how to make this large map wall function and light were key to the success of the project. Not only did E3 Fab design and construct this item to fit inside an existing soffit, we found the right methods to bring the project into a budget that was acceptable for the client.

Lobby Displays

Beam Display and Reception Desk in Lobby

12' long Beam Display was constructed for displaying the clients product up close to all clentel. Accented with the reception desk, these displays really gave a clean professional look to the lobby area. Balluff - sensors worldwide

Lobby Reception Desk

Internally Lighted LED Reception Desk

Custom Reception Counter laminated with White Gloss ColorCore laminate. Interior wall with backlit frosted acrylic panels. Black dimensional letters routed and painted. All work produced and installed by E3 Fab.

Magnetic Display Wall

Magnetic Display Wall - Maple Knoll

This display not only brands the customers logo, but serves a functionality as well. The entire piece has a metal background for hanging additional magnetic graphics. Built and installed by E3 Fab.

Metal Fabrication

Grinding steel tubes in metal shop

Metal fabrication performed in E3 Fab shop.

Metal Piping System

Incline Theater

Powder coated metal piping system fabricated and installed.

Metal/Welding Fabrication

Bridge under construction in Metal Shop.

Metal fabrication for residential bridge being performed in E3 Fab shop.


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