Exhibit 3 Fabrications, LLC have many fabricating capabilities in our shop. We have woodworking, metal/welding fabrication, custom painting, vinyl graphics
and we partner with several printing companies in the area to bring your project to life. On top of all the fabricating capabilities we have, we offer installations
of any and all product we build. We will travel anywhere in the nation to follow your project through to completion.

"Banshee" Main ID Sign

Kings Island - Banshee Coaster Main ID Sign

Exhibit 3 Fabrications latest labor of love is the Main ID sign for the new roller coaster at Kings Island in Mason , OH.
It took 2 months to complete and we installed it on April 5th 2014. The hand and face are sculpted as are the rocks 
on the base. The eyes are backlit with LED lighting and all colors were custom mixed and painted with a gloss
clear coat applied. We are proud to be a part of the theme park experience with our friends at Kings Island.

"Shake, Rattle, & Roll" Main ID SIgn

Kings Island - Main ID Sign

This dimensional sign was created from layers of metal, PVC and clear acrylic and painted to match artwork specifications.

"Space Buggies" Main ID Sign

Kings Island - Main ID Sign

"The Bat" Main ID Sign

Kings Island - The Bat Coaster Main ID Sign

"Woodstock's Gliders" Main ID Sign

Kings Island - Main ID Sign

Aluminum World Map

Asia/Pacific section

1/2" thick aluminum plate, water jet cut to shape, painted and pin mounted to textured wall.

Artifact Displays

Custom Fabricated Metal Bases

These bases were constructed from 1/4" steel. They were cut and welded to rods and mounted to mannequins. E3 Fab added a special touch by shaping and painting them to look like home plate.

Auntie Anne's Pretzel Sign

Hanging Blade Sign at Kings Island

This is a hanging double-sided blade sign for Auntie Anne's restaurant at Kings Island. Sign was constructed from routed layers of PVC and painted to match artwork specifications.

Balluff Display Cases

Custom Sensor Display Cases

Basketball Display

Kings Island - Exterior Signage

Vinyl installed on back billboard as well as basketball backboards.

Booth Storage Closet

Storage Closet with Adjustable Shelving

Functionality was key in storing the customers product at the show. Upon reviewing the customers needs, E3 Fab constructed this fully functional closet with adjustabkle shelves and pre-wired outlets into the walls. The clients were able to store all product and have a place to charge their cell phones during the show while safely being locked into their closet.

Brand Wall Sign

POSSIBLE Cincinnati - Interior Branding

Frosted Acrylic Sign was back painted white with vinyl lettering on face. Sign was installed at facility by E3 Fab.

Branded Display

Clip and Pencil

E3 Fab built this clipboard and pencil for use at the clients headquarters. While displaying their brand, they were able to actually use the dry erasable surface the entire board provided.


Custom Dimensional Hanging Blade Sign

Coca-Cola Hanging Signs

Curved Hanging Brand Signage

Sign is constructed from wood substrates. All pieces laminated and custom painted. Signs are single sided and hang from wire.

Dimensional Letters

Corporate Office - Lobby Area

Large 2" thick custom painted SignFoam letters.

Donor Sign

St. Elizabeth Hospital

1/8" acrylic laser cut and painted letters, colored stained glass pieces, puck mounted 3030 acrylic with laser etched copy filled with paint and a 2nd surface lintech print.

Elevator Graphics

Curiosity Advertising - Elevator Graphics

Printed vinyl graphics applied to the face of the elevator doors.

Exterior Monument Sign

Internally Illuminated Monument Sign

Water jet cut aluminum panels welded together and powder coated. Custom molded acrylic shape lit internally with LEDs.

Exterior "Coca-Cola Marketplace" Sign & Vinyl

Kings Island - Exterior Signage

Dimensional letters and vinyl graphics on corrugated metal awnings.

Exterior "Funnel Cakes" Main ID Sign

Kings Island - Funnel Cakes Shop

Sign is constructed from layers of PVC with a hand carved baker's hat.

Exterior Blade Sign

Double-Sided Blade Sign

Exterior double-sided blade sign constructed out of routed layers of PVC and painted.

Exterior Main ID Sign

Red's Hall of Fame Grille at Kings Island

Locking panels constructed from wood substrate with plastic laminate applied. Frosted acrylic windows and all graphics applied by E3 Fab.

Exterior Rooftop Sign

Graeter's Ice Cream Entry Sign

Rooftop Main Id Sign was constructed from layers of PVC. All pieces were assembled and painted at our facility.


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