Haunt Main ID Sign

King's Island - Main ID Sign for Haunt

Exterior "Funnel Cakes" Main ID Sign

Kings Island - Funnel Cakes Shop

New Lobby Reception Desk

Custom Internally Lit LED Reception Desk

Save Discount Drugs

Custom Dimensional Hanging Blade Sign

Storefront Signage

The Athletic Shop. Building Letters & Awning

"Banshee" Main ID Sign

Kings Island - Banshee Coaster Main ID Sign

Lobby Displays

Beam Display and Reception Desk in Lobby

Trade Show Booth

20' x 40' Trade Show Booth

Exterior Main ID Sign

Red's Hall of Fame Grille at Kings Island

Large Clipboards

Conference Room Clipboard Displays

Exhibit 3 Fabrications is a premier manufacturer of exhibits, displays, museum pieces, cabinetry/millwork,
dimensional signage, trade show booths and a wide variety of custom manufactured pieces.

Featured Capabilities

Interior & Exterior Signage

24 items

Cabinetry & Millwork

10 items

Trade Show Displays

9 items

Interior Branding

20 items

Museums & Galleries

5 items

General Fabrication

8 items

Latest Portfolio Items

Haunt Main ID Sign

King's Island - Main ID Sign for Haunt

Exterior Blade Sign

Double-Sided Blade Sign

Exterior Monument Sign

Internally Illuminated Monument Sign

Large Multi-Donor Plaque

Hospital Donor Signage

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